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Do you ever think about making the jump from TV to movies or the stage? “It’s definitely a goal of mine but as in most jobs, you don’t just go sign up. I would love to have the opportunity; but filming 10 months a year takes up time, and booking only the projects you happen to be available for is easier said than done. I also love to remind people as working, American actors, not A-list actors, it’s still very much a struggle. Hit TV show or not, I think there is no shame in exposing the reality of that.”


Karen Gillan at the “Guardians of the Galaxy” photocall on July 25, 2014 in London, England

"We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one. A daft old man who stole a magic box and ran away. You’ll dream about that box. It’ll never leave you. Big and little at the same time. Brand new and ancient. And the bluest blue ever.

The Doctor and Amy Pond.

Hermione launched herself forwards and started punching every inch of him that she could reach.

'Ouch — ow — gerroff! What the — ? Hermione — OW!'

There is never a time or place for true love. it happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.

-Sarah Dessen

make me choose : theolpha asked nicola peltz or dane dehaan

Emma Stone + photoshoots